The house is beautiful. Absolutely perfect! He would recommend GulfStar Homes to everyone. The quality is much better than any other builders!

– Krzysztof Lesyk

We love our new home! The kitchen is amazing; I have every kitchen gadget known to man and everything has a place. Our bedroom is huge and the bathroom and shower are awesome. The closet in the master is large enough for us to share with space left over!

I can't say enough about the amazing quality and all the features GulfStar puts into their homes that others charge extra for. Thank you GulfStar for making out dreams a reality!

– Lisa and Scott S.

We would enthusiastically recommend GulfStar Homes.  In our experience, they are an incredible value for the money, the design is thoughtful and well-executed, and there is great support after the sale.  If someone was undecided, we would say to do your homework, view similar products for the price and comparison shop.  In our experience, other builders charge extra for the amenities that come standard in GulfStar Homes.

The bottom line is GulfStar Homes are a great value for the money, the long term warranties provide peace of mind, and the support after the sale is exceptional.

– Pamela & Pat James-Sommer

We would highly recommend GulfStar Homes because their houses are built to withstand everything. In addition, everything is of the highest standard, including the workmanship. We could not have asked for a better house, and GulfStar stands behind their product and is always available should we have questions or a problem. We also appreciate that our house is unique where we are located and not situated with others that are exactly like ours.

We couldn’t be happier with our choice of home builder. While we have heard horror stories from others on their builders, we smiled through construction and closing with GulfStar. You’d be crazy not to choose GulfStar!

– Kim & Lynda Ireland

I would recommend GulfStar Homes.  They are very nice.  When we needed anything after purchasing, they were quick to take care of it.  If a client were on the fence, I would say 'Go for it'!  I don't think you will be disappointed.

– Steven & Joyce Barnell

During the month of November, my spouse and I were seeking to purchase a home.  We were driving on Price Boulevard and noticed a model by GulfStar Homes.  We called and made an appointment to view the model.  Sally was most gracious, and answered all of our thousands of questions!  We viewed other model homes but decided to go with GulfStar because of the "homey" atmosphere that it portrayed.

We put down our deposit, however, due to circumstances beyond our control, had to request an extension.  This was graciously honored by the owner, Larry.

After we moved in, there were some cosmetic issues that required attention.  The way in which these issues were attended to was amazing.  Pam ensured that all work orders were put out in a timely manner, because the workmen called us immediately to tend to our needs.  There was not one time that we were not kept abreast of when someone was coming.  The workmen have been so polite and respectful to us...not only being pleasant but also respecting our time.

All my family and friends are astounded at the quality of home that GulfStar builds.  The layout, impact windows, top of the line appliances, well water treatment, just to name a few.  My husband and I are very pleased with this home, and we are very happy to advertise GulfStar Homes.  We appreciate all the help from the owners and staff at GulfStar Homes.

– Eric and Elana Hampton

The layout of the house is awesome. It’s wide and open. The master bedroom is huge and we love, love, love the walk-in shower. It’s a very well planned and designed house.

We weren’t having any luck finding a used home in our price range. We thought a new home has to be way out of our price range, but came to find out it was just a little more money and came with a nice warranty. We saw the model, and thought "Man, this is too good to be true — is this a dream that we’re getting a new gorgeous house?"

Well, we got it and couldn’t be happier!

– Megan & Shelsie Archer

After we moved into our new GulfStar Homes home we have been delighted with our new home.

We looked at other builder's houses and they just didn't seem to stack up to GulfStar Homes as far as value and beautiful design. They are very well built and have best price around. We were working with an award winning realtor and he also seemed impressed with the quality and value of the GulfStar Homes.

We would recommend GulfStar Homes, hands down, to anyone looking to buy a new home, they can feel confident that the house will be great and last a lifetime. You will be happy that you took the step.

We also found out while looking at all the different houses that GulfStar Homes has a great reputation and the staff is very helpful.

– Terry and Helen Cloud

One really can’t find a finer home, for the price point, than those being built by GulfStar Homes. We have been in ours for almost one year and could not be happier! It is obvious that GulfStar takes pride in producing a quality product containing many nice finishing touches.

First, we were impressed with the high-impact doors and windows throughout. This gave us a safety factor that was very important to us. And the irrigation system is a blessing all year long. The granite countertops and nice tilework throughout really make their homes stand out.

We are proud to be owners of a GulfStar home!

– Tom & Madeline Childers

We have been in our house for over a month, and love our home. The buying process was easy and stress free and we closed on time. Sally was great, and everyone at GulfStar was responsive and professional. The walk through was thorough, and they went through everything, even showing us how to change the filter in the AC. Our pest control guy was super impressed and said the house was built solid with no cracks or crevices that the bugs can get through. I would definitely buy again from them ... we are very happy with our home.

– Mary Mitchell

Dear GulfStar Homes,

We chose your services for all the benefits they provided compared to others in the market. We have first-class finishes, including all upgrades, plus responsible service with great friendliness and on-time delivery. We know we made the best choice! We truly love our house and feel blessed. We greatly appreciate the treatment you gave us.

– The Moncada Family

We would recommend GulfStar Homes.  It is very well built, and any problems that we had were efficiently taken care of.  Choosing GulfStar was easy, as they had all the features we were looking for, like impact windows, tile flooring throughout and a covered lanai.  We would say to a potential customer to go ahead and build with GulfStar, because there are no hidden fees.  We are proud owners!

– Dave and Lynn Aubuchon

We would recommend a GulfStar home to anyone who isn't sure about whom to hire to build their home. Our home is a quality home with quality workmanship. Nobody cut corners here, and it shows. This house was actually nicer than we had thought it would be. The tile accents in the bathrooms and the beautiful island in the kitchen look fantastic. The lawn is landscaped and looks great. We would tell people again about the great experience we have had with GulfStar.

– Judith Halloran & Thomas Oliver

When we first walked into the GulfStar Homes model, we loved the kitchen, the open space, and the fact that what you see is what you get. This home is exactly what we wanted.

We will totally recommend GulfStar Homes, we are so happy here! Sally was great to talk with and we appreciate how she worked with us to get us exactly what we wanted.

Thank you GulfStar Homes and staff.

– George and Esther Downs

I highly recommend GulfStar Homes as a builder.  I fell in love with the design of the home.  I was so confident that my wife would love it too, that I purchased it before she had even seen it.  She had tears in her eyes upon seeing the beautiful spacious kitchen.  I was able to make frequent visits to the building site and met many of those involved in the construction.  They were professional and took the time to answer any questions that I had.  After closing, your company was excellent in responding to any concerns that we had an everything was addressed in a timely manner.  Thank you.

– David & Danielle Bachert

We love the house! It's a good quality home. We like the way the house is laid out, big kitchen, lots of cupboards, and also, a large master bedroom. The people at GulfStar are easy to work with.

– Bernadette V.

We would definitely recommend GulfStar Homes. It’s one of the best homes for the money. We spent time looking at older homes when we came upon a recently finished GulfStar home. We were amazed with the brightness of the home. The living room, dining room and the kitchen were all open-spaced and modern. The cost was comparable to the price of the older homes, except everything was new. We were SOLD!

We love our home! The kitchen has plenty of space for pots and pans, dishes and storage. The laundry room has cabinets to hold all the cleaning supplies.

It has been great working with GulfStar Homes. They are friendly and concerned about any problems you may encounter. They return your phone calls quickly. You can’t find a better home in Florida than a GulfStar home.

– Bill & Joyce Donley

Great house! We love the design, it's very roomy and there is no extra cost for upgraded items, they are all included!

– Julia Spruill and Richard Reavis