Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: Question 1  Do I need to use hurricane shutters to protect my GulfStar home during a hurricane? 

A: Answer 1  No shutters are needed because GulfStar homes include hurricane-rated glass windows and doors!  In fact, the PGT impact-resistant windows we provide do much more than protect you from hurricanes – they also cut down on the amount of noise you hear and are great for security.  Peace of mind!

Q: Question 2  Will I get any discounts on my home insurance on my GulfStar home?  

A: Answer 2  Yes – the impact windows in GulfStar homes will give you a substantial discount.  We also use a peel and stick underlayment on the roof, which is considered a secondary water barrier.  This also provides a discount.  GulfStar homes are built to keep insurance, maintenance and utility costs low.

Q: Question 3  How long do I have to wait to get a GulfStar home?  

A: Answer 3  GulfStar is always building, so you can probably move right into a GulfStar home soon! Give us a call and we’ll find the home that best fits your schedule.

Q: Question 4  Is the GulfStar Homes model center open now? 

A: Answer 4  Yes.  Our model home is open Monday by appointment and Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.  Please note:  Our hours may sometimes vary due to outside appointments.

Q: Question 5  Are there any HOA fees for your homes?  

A: Answer 5  No! We do not build in HOA communities, so there will never be any HOA fees that you need to worry about.

Q: Question 6  Do I need a realtor in order to purchase from GulfStar? 

A: Answer 6  GulfStar has a Sales Agent on staff who is available to make your home purchase seamless from beginning to end.

Q: Question 7  Will your lots accommodate a pool?  

A: Answer 7  A standard lot in North Port will accommodate a pool.  We can provide you with a site plan so you can check with your pool contractor. The addition of a pool would take place after you purchase the property.

Q: Question 8  Is the lot included in the price of a GulfStar Home?

A: Answer 8  Yes!  Your GulfStar home comes with a fully sodded and landscaped lot included in the purchase price.

Q: Question 9  Does your house have gutters and downspouts?  

A: Answer 9  We provide gutters and downspouts around all sides of our homes.

Q: Question 10  Can I get additional features such as granite, stainless steel appliances and soft-close kitchen cabinets?  

A: Answer 10  With a GulfStar home, you get all the top ‘upgrades’ included at no extra cost! GulfStar homes include granite counters and porcelain floor tile throughout.  We also include energy-efficient Whirlpool stainless steel appliances and all wood cabinets have soft close doors and drawers.  We even provide soft close toilet seats!  There are many more features that go into our homes, such Progress lighting and Kohler fixtures.  Call today for a complete feature list. 

Q: Question 11  Does GulfStar Homes charge for upgrades?

A: Answer 11  We are all about value.  When you compare the features of our homes with our competitors, our homes cost thousands, and often tens of thousands, of dollars less.  Our unique selling proposition is to include everything you want in a home at one low price.  At GulfStar Homes, we feel that value is the ultimate amenity.

Q: Question 12  Does GulfStar Homes offer a warranty on their homes?  

A: Answer 12  Yes!  We offer a one-year complete home warranty and a 2/10 Centricity home warranty policy that covers major structural defects.  Plus, there are extended warranties on the HVAC system, well equipment, windows, and roof. 

Q: Question 13  Do I need flood insurance on my GulfStar home?  

A: Answer 13  No.  We do not build in flood zones.